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Microsoft closing Nokia BetaLabs, moving beta trials to UserVoice website

The guys over at Nokia BetaLabs have announced that the popular portal for developing cool apps for Nokia handsets is finally closing down .

Nokia BetaLabs replaces App Highlights with App Social (Beta)

Nokia BetaLabs team has replaced its app recommender app  App Highlights for Lumia WP smartphones with a new beta app name “App Social”.

Nokia BetaLabs ceases the development of Nokia City Lens app for MeeGo & Symbian

Nokia BetaLabs team has just announced that they are closing the development of their augmented reality app ‘Nokia City Lens‘ for MeeGo & Symbian, in order to focus their AR efforts on primary smartphone platform.

Nokia BetaLabs ceases the development of Wellness Diary

Nokia BetaLabs has announced that they are closing the development of their ‘Wellness Diary’ app in order to focus on their other location-based services. However to facilitate users the service will continue to work without any updates and support from the lab.

Nokia BetaLabs client for Symbian smartphones

Nokia BetaLabs client is an example app developed with Qt Quick components for Symbian smartphones, published over Nokia Developer it’s a stable and fully functional client. The app allows users to browse and download the beta Symbian apps

Nokia Betalabs: Nokia Reader updated for Symbian^3 devices

Quick heads-up, Nokia Reader team at Betalabs released an upgrade to Ovi Notifications Support Package (ONSP) for Symbian^3 devices. The upgrade contains multiple fixes that brings improvements to the app.

Nokia BetaLabs: Wellness Diary beta updated to v2.03, Adds Facebook sharing!

Nokia Betalabs beta app Wellness Diary updated to v2.03. The update brings few key improvements with addition to Facebook sharing, Scheduled Tips functionality, Subscribe/unsubscribe functionality to services.  

Nokia Betalabs: Ovi Maps, Software Updater, Nokia Bots & Foursquare for Series 40 updates

Nokia Betalabs pushed series of updates and fixes to some of its beta apps, including release to a new version of Ovi Maps. –

Nokia BetaLabs: Nokia Social App (v1.3) now available in beta!

Nokia Betalabs team just released  newest version of the Social application (v1.3) beta for Symbian^3 devices, with couple of improvements and new features.

Nokia BetaLabs: Nokia Software Updater beta for Mac released!

Nokia BetaLabs team just released Nokia Software Updater beta for Mac, It’s a simple PC application for Mac users to get the latest Nokia device software updates.

Nokia BetaLabs : Nokia Diexie – Natural Chinese writing app

Today Nokia Betalabs released a new experimental app ‘Nokia Diexie’. Its a beta application for Chinese speakers  that uses a unique Chinese character handwriting input technology developed under Nokia Research Center, Beijing to help

Nokia Betalabs: Nokia Reader bug fix released for Symbian^3 devices

Nokia Beta Labs released a bug fix updated of Nokia Reader (1.0.1)  for Symbian^3 devices, addressing signing in and  connectivity issues with the previous version.