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“Ovi Store” is now “Nokia Store” , Mobile Client updated to v1.16(6) for S60v5 devices

As we have posted earlier that Nokia App Store is going through the process of re-branding as announced back in May 2011. The Web version of app store has already re-branded as Nokia Store, today store’s  mobile client received an

Nokia Rebrands “Ovi Store” to “Nokia Store”

Quick heads-up, “Ovi” logo, site title and URL of  Nokia’s app store (web) has been replaced/updated with “Nokia” brand. This replacement is part of Nokia’s re-branding process announced back in May 2011.

” Herman the Hermit “- Addictive jumper game now available at Nokia Ovi Store!

“Herman the Hermit” is extremely addictive game with awesome graphics for Nokia smartphones developed by VisualDreams. In game you play role of crazy Herman, and the main objective is to jump from platform to platform in the endless. The game is

fMobi v1.4.0 now available at Nokia Ovi Store (Video Preview)

Juuso Kosonen developer of  the new Facebook app “fMobi” has just updated us that the latest version 1.4.0 of the app is now available over Nokia Ovi Store. The v1.40 brings split screen support, new chat view, photo uploader with preview, couple of  bug fixes, ui

Ovi Store web support added to Nokia Drop Symbian^1 client

Quick heads-up, Today Betalabs team adds Ovi Store web download support to “Nokia Drop” Symbian^1 mobile client. Currently v1.2 is available for Symbian^1 (S60v5) device users for testing Ovi Store web experience, the latest update v1.3 will be released soon.

Ovi Store Beta update for leaked Symbian Belle? (Video)

A strange Ovi Store Beta update is popping up on Nokia N8. –

Vlingo Premium : Now available for free at Nokia Ovi Store!

Good News, The premium version of voice recognition app ” Vlingo” is now available for free at Nokia Ovi Store. –

“Imsy” – Free Social Messaging app now available for Symbian at Nokia Ovi Store!

“Imsy” is new multi-platform social messaging mobile app developed by Antarix, currently available for  Android, iOS and Symbian platforms. The client is now available for Symbian^1 and S^3 devices for free over Nokia Ovi Store.

Download the latest version of Ovi Store v2.12.045 for S^3 devices here!

Looks like Symbian^3 users are still facing problems on installation of  Ovi Store 2.12 update. @msullx tweeted us that Ovi Support team has released another updated version 2.12.045  of Ovi Store client for S^3 device users to solve the  installation/update problem.

BetaLabs: Nokia Diexie – Natural Chinese writing app now available at Ovi Store in China

Nokia Betalabs experimental unique Chinese character handwriting input app ‘Nokia Diexie’ is now released over Ovi Store in China. –

“Draw Slasher” Action game now available at Nokia Ovi Store !

“Draw Slasher” is an action packed survival game for Symbian^3 smartphones developed by  Gamelion Studios. In game you play a ninja defending his home village against an endless onslought of Pirate Monkey Zombies. The game is available

Nokia Ovi Store client updated to v1.14(9) for S60 v5 devices

Nokia Ovi Store mobile client for Symbian 5th edition devices just received an update to v1.14(9).