All Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone users can now enjoy Custom ROMS

Remember, we posted about Custom ROM installation on selected Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 Windows Phone handsets shipping with an unlocked Qualcomm bootloader, and also that modders over XDA-Developers are working to make the ROM available on all Lumia smartphones. Well, we have the good news, modders have now successfully figured out how to get all  Lumia 710 devices into unlocked bootloader mode to install Custom ROM.

“Another XDA-Developers member G-gabber have found a signed unlocked Qualcomm ROM for the Nokia Lumia 710, allowing users to easily downgrade any Nokia Lumia 710 to an unlocked bootloader state with Nokia’s official Nokia Connection Suite, at which point of course the device is wide open for custom ROMs. Unfortunately this only work for Nokia Lumia 700 handsets, as the signature is specific to the device.”

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  1. agtrier

    Can I install Android on this thing?