#NITDroid : Android Jelly Bean (4.2.1) for Nokia N9 (work in progress)

Back in September, Modders on NITDroid project released Alpha 5 version (codename ‘Gyla’) of Android ICS for N9 smartphone with lots of minor and major bug fixes. Well, it looks like NITDroid Alpha 6 release with latest version of Android Jelly Bean is coming very soon to Nokia N9, Alexey (aka @drunkdebugger)  the man behind this project  has published couple of images of White Nokia N9 running the latest version of Android Jelly Bean (4.2.1).

Android Jelly Bean (4.2.1) for Nokia N9

Android on Nokia

Aside from these photos, the developer has not revealed any other details on this release. But you can expect more info in upcoming days. http://forum.nitdroid.com/index.php?board=2.0


  1. bajiaoshu


  2. Vivek Kumar Verma

    i don’t believe this

  3. Alboooz

    The question is, when will they release it, and is it compatible for camera and call problem we had, or is it another half-nitdroid thing!

  4. Shivam Nischal

    i didn’t believe…

  5. absentus

    If this one doesn’t have support for voice-calling, then it is as useless as the previous versions of NITDroid. I don’t really understand why those devs keep launching new versions of Android for the N9 instead of focusing on making an older one more stable and with better hardware support.

  6. Jezer Garcia

    No one will be satisfied having a fone running a great OS but camera and sim functionalities doesn’t work.

  7. disqus_TVLrsj4e4w

    why install android alpha 5 on Nokia n9 if dont work, is nice system but not functional