New App: AndroTaskman for Symbian smartphones

New in store, AndroTaskman is nice utility app for Symbian smartphones developed by SnakeSoft. The app display up to 20 tasks on one Screen, allows users to close apps with simple gesture, support app autoclose feature and more.

androtaskman 1

AndroTaskman is the Next-Gen Taskmanager for your Symbian device!! A Taskmanager has never been so stylish and clearly arranged!’s a real Joy to use it!



  • Long Press hardware “Menu Button” to open AndroTaskman
  • Tap on Application Icon and release to open Task
  • Tap on Application Icon and Slide UP or DOWN to close Task
  • Long Press on any Application to “Close All Apps”


  • Select favorite Taskwindow Color
  • Select Captionwindow Color
  • Hide or Show Caption text
  • Select Open/Close Effects (Implosion, Slide Up/Down, Slide Left&Right, Speed, Matrix,…)


  • AutoClose Feature: Selected apps will automatically Close in Background!
  • Hide from AndroTaskman: Selected apps will not show in AndroTaskman and not be closed by “Close All Apps”
  • Autostart On/Off

  1. Martin Lemburg

    Sadly AndroTaskman does not show apps running as system application, e.g. to prevent to be thrown out of the memory in low memory situations.
    One not shown app is LCG ProfiMail.
    And if Gravity is in the foreground its icon is not shown, while its icon is shown, if it is in the background. Other apps are always shown.
    Another issue is, that apps delegating to the native task switcher, like e.g. Belle Extra Buttons cause a short blink of the classic task switcher before AndroTaskman is shown.
    SnakeSoft statet, that Belle Extra Button is doing something wrong, but … I don’t believe it.
    Does someone else have similar experiences?

  2. daniel

    Good 😀