Belle Extra Taskbars & Start Menu for Symbian updated

Recently released Symbian utility app “Belle Extra Taskbars and Start Menu” is updated to v1.1.0. The latest version brings couple of new functions, fixes and improvements to the app, check out the full changelog after break.

Belle Extra Taskbars & StartMenu

Changelog v1.1.0:

  • User has an option to select the Swipe area to launch the Extra Taskbar:-
  1. All the area of the bottom Toolbar
  2. Left side of the bottom Toolbar
  3. Right side of the bottom Toolbar

* This option is helpful / requested by customers to avoid showing the Extra Taskbar accidentally when using a web browser in full screen mode; Where user can select to show the Extra Taskbar when swiping upwards starting from the most left / right of the bottom toolbar.

  • Fixed Aero Peek functionality
  • Fixed Show ‘Home screen / Idle’ functionality
  • Fixed the layout of the Extra Taskbar on Lock Screen when mobile is in Landscape mode
  • Changed application icon
  • Internal enhancements
  • Auto-hide extra taskbar’ option has been deprecated.
  • To hide the Extra Taskbar after showing it, tap away from the Extra Taskbar.


Belle Extra Taskbars/StartMenu for Symbian (Paid)