Nice Big Clock Widget for Symbian^3 smartphones

Check out this nice Big Clock Widget for Symbian^3 smartphones developed by D13. Nothing new here, just a nice simple widget that displays current time / date and changes color according to the selected theme.

Big genuine home screen widget. It displays current time and date. The text color depends on the selected theme. Tapping on the clock opens default clock application, while tapping on date opens default calendar. After installation place the widget on the home screen from the widget catalog.


Big Clock Widget for Symbian (Paid)

 Digital Clock mini widget for Symbian (Paid)

  1. Andres Ab

    Impossible to download, nokia app store keeps saying payment process failed, I tryed 4 times.

  2. Grzesiek Zbozień

    This is some kind of custom firmware on pic #3? Which one?

  3. Pedro Miguel Hilario C.

    Pls.. name of the third theme?