Video: BlackBerry Z10 BB10 UI similarities with Nokia N9 MeeGo (Swipe)

Matthew Miller over at ZDNet has shared a in-depth hands-on video of newly launched BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, showing the Swipe UI design similarities between the BB10 OS and Nokia’s abandoned MeeGo OS. Check out the video after break.

Matthew noted following similarities between BB10 OS and MeeGo:

  • Tap/swipe the screen with no button press to turn on and unlock device
  • Swipe up from bottom to return to “home”
  • Display of applications and folders, one with multitasking tiles that are live, and one with recent comms (BlackBerry Hub)
  • Swipe down to reveal upper menu
  • Slowly move finger across the screen to see elements behind active one
  • Deep multi-service integration.

[Source, Via MNB]

  1. Ademas

    BB10 is Meego with ‘BlackBerry’ branding on its device.

  2. peter olumolu

    i agree, and if BB10 becomes a hit “which it just might” i hope someone smacks that smirk of Elop’s face permanently.