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Age of Wind 3 action adventure game comes to Windows Phone

Age of Wind 3, the latest addition to Deemedya’s massively popular “Age of Wind” action adventure game series is now available for Windows Phone. In game you live the ruthless life of a pirate

Summer Sale: Six Popular Disney Games for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 goes free for 2 weeks

As a part of summer sale, Disney is offering their six popular game titles free for next two weeks over Windows Phone and Windows Store. Check out the game list after break.

Popular Android game “Biotix:Phage Genesis” comes to Windows Phone

Another popular Android game ‘Biotix: Phage Genesis’ has landed on Windows Phone Store. Its a strategy based game where your mission is to ensure the survival of your species. The game features thirty challenging levels

2150 A.D. space shooter for Windows Phone goes free for a limited time with MyAppFree deal

2150 A.D, the addictive space shooting game for Windows Phone has gone free (normal price $1.99) for next 24 hours in collaboration with MyAppFree promotion. The game is developed by Lumosoft and is available for

Gameloft offers up to 60% off on top Xbox-enabled Windows Phone games

The popular game developer Gameloft is currently running a promotion over Windows Phone Store under which the company is offering big discounts of up to 60% on popular Xbox-enabled game titles such as Assassins

Tentacles: Enter the Mind adventure game now available for Windows and Windows Phone

Microsoft’s brand new adventure game ‘Tentacles: Enter the Mind’ is now available for Windows and Windows Phone devices with Xbox support globally for everyone. In game you fight hordes of challenging enemies, while swinging through beautiful 3D environment

Popular Android game ‘Table Tennis 3D’ now available for Windows Phone

The popular iOS and Android game, Table Tennis 3D by Giraffe Games is now available for Windows Phone devices. Powered by Unity engine the game offers realistic 3D graphics and intuitive controls.

Develop an entire world in ‘Doodle God: Planet’ for Windows and Windows Phone 

Doodle God: Planet, the sequel to JoyBits’s popular game Doodle God is now available for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 devices. The game features
 intuitive one-click game play, over 300 elements to create advanced items, new quests and puzzle modes, achievements and more.  The

Gameloft’s GT Racing 2 game updated, adds support for 512 MB RAM Windows Phone devices

Gameloft has just updated its popular car racing game GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience for Windows Phone devices. The latest version brings support for low-end 512 MB RAM Windows Phone devices and couple of

Major Mayhem fun shooter now available for Windows Phone

If you like blowing up things and shooting up Ninjas, then this game is for you. New in store, Major Mayhem is action packed shooting game for Windows Phone developed by Rocket Jump. The game features gorgeous 3D visuals, 48

Assassin’s Creed Pirates comes to Windows Phone

As announced, Ubisoft today released their popular naval warfare game Assassin’s Creed Pirates in the Windows Phone Store with Xbox support.

Manuganu 2 – A fun 3D platform runner for Android and Windows Phone

Manuganu 2 is a fun 3D running/platformer styled game where you have to help a little tribal fellow Manuganu in his quest to rescue his best friend from evil fire monster Goyakoka. The tribal themed game features generous 3D visuals, forty challenging