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Microsoft details new Xbox app on Windows 10 January Technical Preview

The new build of Windows 10 Technical Preview comes with an early version of new Xbox app that includes massive improvements over the previous iteration. With initial preview release of the Xbox app on Windows 10 Technical Preview,

Check out the new Xbox One experience on Windows 10

With Xbox on Windows 10, Microsoft is bringing some of the most exciting features from Xbox Live and Xbox experiences into Windows 10.  Just like Skype, Xbox will come built-in into Windows 10 across devices.

Video: Microsoft shows off new Office Touch apps for Windows 10

The Office Team at Microsoft have posted this video showing off new Office universal apps on Windows 10 platform. The video is hosted by Microsoft team members Jeremy Chapman and Ben Walters who discuss the new Word, Excel,

Watch Windows 10 keynote webcast on-demand

In case you missed yesterday’s Microsoft Windows 10 event webcast, you can now watch two hour event as on-demand video. Microsoft has also uploaded a brief video highlights of the event over its YouTube channel.

Joe Belfiore talks about biggest new Windows 10 features

Microsoft has released a lengthy video, where operating system VP Joe Belfiore talks about the biggest new features on Windows 10 operating platform. Checkout the video after break.

Video: Lumia Denim software update hands-on demo

The much awaited Lumia Denim software update is slowly rolling out across the globe. Well, over its official Conversations blog, Microsoft today published a new video showing-off features of their newest Windows Phone update, check out the video after

Lumia Denim demo on Lumia 930: ‘Hey Cortana’ setup + camera improvements

Along with some cool camera improvements, Lumia Denim update also brings hands-free Cortana activation via the new ‘Hey Cortana’ command. Well, here is a new video demonstrating ‘Hey Cortana’ setup process, that will train the digital assistant to recognize user’s voice, thus preventing others

Lumia 1520 Denim vs Lumia 930 Cyan – Camera Startup Speed Comparison

We have already seen couple of videos showing camera improvements of Lumia Denim update on PureView handsets. And one of the biggest noticeable improvement in update is the new Lumia Camera app which launches much faster than before.

Take a look at 4K video sample of Lumia 1520 running Denim update

Lumia Denim software update brings significant camera improvements to PureView Lumia smartphones. One of the key feature the update brought is support for 4K video recording @ 24fps on Lumia 1520 Lumia 930 and Lumia Icon.

Lumia Denim camera improvements demoed on a video

Dubbed Lumia Denim, the latest software update brings some significant camera improvements to the Lumia 830, Lumia 930, Lumia Icon, and Lumia 1520 Windows Phones. The biggest noticeable improvement in new Lumia Camera app is

“Hey Cortana” voice activation demoed on a video

The much awaited Lumia Denim firmware update is now rolling out around the world. The update brings a number of exciting new features like, new camera improvements, new 4K recording capabilities, Start Screen folder support, improved glance screen

Microsoft publishes how-to video for Lumia Denim update

The much awaited Lumia Denim software update has started rolling out globally. Select Lumia Windows Phone users in China, Europe and India have already started receiving the Denim update. And to help these users Microsoft has published a new