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Windows Phone 8.1 Lockscreen app demoed on video

Here’s a sneak peek at how the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 Lockscreen app will animate and function. As mentioned by Joe Belfiore, the first beta version of long awaited lock screen app is set to arrive in next couple of weeks.

Nokia Lumia 930 Review by PhoneArena (Video)

Nokia Lumia 930, the latest flagship from Microsoft is now hitting the streets worldwide. The handset features top-end specs, runs latest Windows Phone 8.1 OS and sports terrific rectangular design that combines an aluminum frame and polycarbonate back. Well, if you want to

How to use Battery Saver to exted the battery life of your Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone 8.1

The latest version of Microsoft’s smartphone operating system Windows Phone 8.1 is now rolling-out to all Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices around the world. The update comes with a number of new features and enhancements, and Battery Saver is one of them.

How to use Storage Sense to free up space on your Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone 8.1

The much awaited Windows Phone 8.1 + Lumia Cyan update is now rolling-out gradually to all Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices around the globe. Along with many other features the WP8.1 update also comes with a new Storage Sense app, which allows you to check available

Nokia Lumia 635 Review by PhoneArena (Video)

Microsoft’s latest affordable 4G handset Nokia Lumia 635 is now available in US from T-Mobile and is coming soon to AT&T. Well, if you planning to get one, we suggest you to checkout video review of the handset by PhoneArena.

Getting started with Cortana on Windows Phone 8.1 (Video)

Looks like Microsoft is gearing up for Windows Phone 8.1 launch. The company has now published a new support video over its official Windows Phone YouTube channel to get you started with Cortana.

Microsoft’s latest Lumia 930 ad highlights the coolness of wireless charging

Microsoft has just published this cool new video advertisement showing off the wireless charging feature on its latest Windows Phone 8.1 flagship the Lumia 930. The ad is posted by the UK branch of the

Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia Cyan update official hands-on demo

Microsoft yesterday announced the much anticipated Windows Phone 8.1 + Lumia Cyan update for all  Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices. The update brings tons of new WP8.1 features combined with unique Lumia experiences to your existing WP8 Lumia devices. Well, check out this official Lumia

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 635 first look and OS tour

Last week, T-Mobile and Microsoft started selling the affordable Nokia Lumia 635 handset in the US. The Lumia 635 is replacing the older Lumia 521, which is one of T-Mobile’s best selling Windows Phones to date.

Microsoft’s latest ad shows off Lumia 1020 with OneDrive and Instagram

Microsoft has released a new Windows Phone ad showing imaging powerhouse Lumia 1020 with OneDrive and Instagram. The main message in the video is that you can take great photos with Lumia devices, access them from your favorite devices with OneDrive anywhere and share

Weekend Watch: Nokia Lumia 930 unboxing and OS tour

Microsoft’s latest flagship Lumia 930 is finally hitting the streets worldwide. If you’re planning to get one and want a closer look at the handset, here is 14-minutes of video tour by WPCentral detailing what’s new.

Nokia Lumia 930 Unboxing and Hands-on Videos

Here’re couple of very first unboxing videos of Microsoft’s latest flagship smartphone Lumia 930. Earlier this week the company announced that its new high-end Windows Phone will go on sale this week in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and will continue rolling out