Custom Firmware for Nokia 5800 – iDROID OS v8.6

Here is the latest version of Symbian Custom Firmware for Nokia 5800-  “iDROID OS v8.6″ brings all the improvements with latest firmware upgrades, including the new Browser v7.3.1.33, various fixes and enhancements to the system. Download link and changelog after break.

System Changes and Hack:

  • Italian and English as a language system
  • T9 in Italian and English
  • TTS and voice prompts in English and Italian
  • Autostart Rompatcher + 3.0 with patch

Applications Changes:

  • Updated to version 3.6 Ovi Maps (637)
  • Updated 1.0.1 Photo
  • Updated with Lyrics Music Player 15.2
  • Removed the cache FOTA – about 5mb in C: \ \ saved
  • Removed the remaining files: Adobe Reader, Chat, My Nokia, Online Support, Podcasting, Quick Office, WELCOME2, Zip manager, Design, Music ovi, Manufacturing Info
  • Removed option mini Qwerty
  • Swipe to Unlock replaced by the tap to unlock
  • Integrated Nokia Notifications 1.5
  • Integrated in Italian Dictionary
  • Bluetooth set by default to “Shown to all”

Changes to Messaging and Internet:

  • New Browser
  • Increased browser cache and moved to E: \ \
  • Ability to resume interrupted downloads from the browser
  • Modified favorite Web
  • Tap the icon to install Store Ovi Store 1.16 (6)
  • 5000 messages saved
  • Rearrange items in Messages
  • Built-in Messaging Conversations
  • New Full Screen QWERTY keyboard and alphanumeric
  • Modified fonts available in the Full Screen QWERTY keyboard
  • T9 extended and moved to E: \ \

Changes Multimedia:

  • Search music files to E: \ \ Sounds \ \
  • Faster scrolling in the music player
  • Increased volume of the system
  • New Stereo Codec
  • Playing songs on by default in Music Player
  • Improved video capture
  • Tap to set the equalization profile as in Symbian ^ 3
  • Removed “Go to Ovi Music” from the Music Player
  • Improved Quality Photo \ Video with new parameters
  • Stabilization in Camera, Video enabled
  • Changes to the Suite Photos and Music
  • “Seasoned online” in Images replaced by “Delete”
  • Faster search files in various folders excluding gallery
  • Improved GPS performance
  • Improved GPS performance
  • Audio recording HD for 10 hours
  • Stereo audio recording enabled to MP4

Graphic Changes:

  • Nokia and Nokia Silver Midnight Black Theme set as default theme
  • Icon Packs Symbian Anna \ Fine
  • Fixed and updated several icons of the Icon Packs
  • New Boot screen
  • Backgroud widget style S ^ 3
  • Changed the default widget dispozione
  • Texts in the central menu as S ^ 3
  • New theme effects similar to S ^ 3
  • Reorganized menus
  • New menu style landscape Symbian ^ 3 with 6×2 icons
  • Removed “Show open apps.” By all the Menu
  • Change Info * # 0000 # Firmware
  • New font “Nokia Pure” Fixed – font size of the landscape and emoticons


  • Accelerometer active when you first start
  • Increased heap size
  • Faster opening and closing applications
  • Touch more responsive and faster
  • Optimized RAM consumption
  • Improve performance of your phone
  • Improve Performance Graphics
  • New starter for more available RAM
  • Scrolling S ^ 3 improved and speeded up
  • Faster rotating landscape \ portrait
  • Improved sensitivity Wi-Fi phone

Optimizing Battery:

  • Modified profiles “Normal” and “Silent”
  • Optimized consumption of resources
  • Optimized vibration
  • Decreased intensity of vibration lock \ unlock phone

Changes Extras:

  • “Touch Menu” in the settings of the sensors
  • New ringtones
  • Add Widgets
  • Ability to send protected files via bluetooth
  • Vibration in office
  • Increased volume of calls and the speakerphone’s default
  • Disabled SMS MyNokia first start
  • Patch + RomPatcher copied to E: \ \ Patches \ \ as the first boot
  • Patch + Rompatcher working without even having flashed SD

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed “Camera: Already in use”
  • Fixed Lag in Messages
  • Fixed Playlists in the Music Player
  • Fixed an issue that did not allow automatic switching from QWERTY alphanumeric keyboard and vice versa
  • Fixed bug that did not allow the choice of time for the keypad lock
  • Fixed behavior of the LED with green light in office
  • Fixed issue Sound Waves
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the correct use of Nokia Custom Dictionary
  • Fixata press power button – you are no longer sent to the Home Screen
  • Fixed tags Music Player
  • Fixed Qt – all applications are installed safely
  • Fixata Medibar
  • Fixed link Video Center Media Bar


  • Before you format the flash memory card
  • The display will behave like the original fw, ie before it turns off the light will diminish and then turns off, set the time after which the screen will diminish in Settings \ mobile \ Display \ lights out
  • After the flash to perform a hard reset
Download Here
Need Help:

Note:- Installing custom firmware is extremely dangerous, Try this at your own risk, SymbianTweet is not responsible for any damage.


  1. ungku perani muiz

    anyone can make the CFW for 5230?

  2. Kwadrat Balcerek

    unpacked both archives to ‘RM-356’ in ‘Products’ and when I try to flash there is a :”Flashing files listing retrieving filed: 0x84210021(-2078212063) – Firmware: CRC checksum of file ‘ c:program filesnokiaphoenixproductsRM-356RM-356_60.0.003_prd.rofs.V01’ does not mach with the checksum in data-package.” ERROR. What i did wrong ? could you help me ?

  3. Fakhre

    Please re-download the files!

  4. Anonymous

    pooling phone not found ..what i do?

  5. Sedan Hossain

    where is .rfs3 file for flush. how can i get it?

  6. Kwadrat Balcerek

    i,ve re-downloaded both arhives 4 times and always the same error. any1 can help me ?

  7. karan gupta

    can i use this in my nokia 5800xm…software version 60.0.003

  8. Mathe Lorand

    thx, it’s working on my 5800 😀

  9. Patrick

    My name is Pat. I currently have a 5800 XM
    How do I install the Idroid v8.6?

  10. Andrej

    I get the same error and have tried to download it 13x ! Even tried it on Win8 and XP with different phoenix versions….Pleas any advice, solution ?

  11. Rajesh Shanmugam

    Yes you can

  12. Rajesh Shanmugam

    You dont need it. just flash with available things

  13. Gustavo Valverde

    hey admin can you do this cfw in spanish and with the s40 emoticons

  14. Mahmoud Kanso

    got the same problem…. found any help ?

  15. Fakhre


  16. vignesh .

    wifi not proper 🙁 any fix??

  17. jane po

    if i flash my 5800 with a Symbiian 3 and decide i want iDroid..can i flash my phone again?

  18. Mathe Lorand

    Just follow this tutorial
    But be carefull, before I managed to make it right my phone died while trying to flash it.

  19. Anonymous

    Downloaded file contain RM-356_51.0.006_prd.rofs2.V01
    How to flash by jaf
    plzz help meee

  20. alamdar m


  21. Anonymous

    Hi! Its working very fine. Just download the above two files then extract in one folder and then rename the folder to RM-356. After this, paste this folder in “C:Program FilesNokiaphoenixproducts” and then go for JAF. In JAF, untick CRT308, normal mode. Now tick Manual Flash, Dead USB and then tick INI. Wait untill a window appears and therefore choose your Nokia Model. After everything, click on flash and enjoy.

  22. Anonymous

    hi have n8 with product code (059B288) and there’s no update of belle for it but now i flashed it all is ok belle is working good but the product code stayed the same (059B288)

  23. Tak Sela

    links is dead pls reupload

  24. Fakhre

    It remains the same!

  25. Mohammed Ghousé

    Hi, I am unable to download files, the links are not working. Can anybody provide alternate links please.

  26. Arnoldas Kudrevičius

    can you give new links?

  27. assanarirfan

    the download does not work…. pls give a new link…….

  28. Mohammed Ghousé

    Thanks for the alternate links, but still the second link is not working, pls check…

  29. Cosmin Vasile

    any other link to get this CFW? megaupload is down permanently….

  30. Cosmin Vasile

    what are the alternative links pls:) i want to update my 5800xm

  31. Jakub Balcerek

    any updates? that soft is so awesome, but it became boring 🙂 

  32. Dheddie Twister

     My Name Is Dheddie From Indonesia,I can not download the data above, whether the aid can upload in mediafire . com or can help in emailed me. thanks 😀

  33. Prince Gee

    Can anyone port this on the nokia 5530 or 5230?

  34. Mohammed Ghousé

    Can anybody please reupload this, the above links are not working.

  35. İhsan Deniz Yılmaz

    what is the ram cocsumption in normal use? please help

  36. Vid_desh

    i have same problem, the given links are not working. can anybody provide alternate  links

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help us.


    is it possible to revert back to the original software whenever needed?

  38. shastri2012

    PRESS POWER ON NOW!Searching for phone…FoundSending RAW loader…Using 009.012.005    Elf2flash 09.11.000    CMT RAW loader…Patching RAW boot step1…Patching RAW boot step2…Patching RAW boot step3…Sending RAW Loader…………………..Loader Sent!Stage 2 starting………………PUBKEYS already sent…PUBKEYS already sent…PUBKEYS already sent…PUBKEYS already sent…PUBKEYS already sent…………..Phone prepared OK!Waiting for the phone to boot…Searching for phone…Phone failed to boot in flash mode CMT…

    can u tell me what went wrong, because my phone is remaining with a white screen now

  39. Fakhre


  40. Fakhre

    Yep, Download the latest one from Navifirm and flash!

  41. shastri2012

    nop? my phone wont come back on, its the second time i have flashed my phone, thinking well the second time will be much simpler from a different source, i need some help

  42. juliopassoss

    files for flash corrupted 🙁

  43. disqus_W4UTYmWY6t

    the alternate download for the Cor file is dead, and I cant download it from multiupload 🙁

  44. hefvi (Alternate Link)
    File NO EXIST…