Delight Custom Firmware for Nokia 808 PureView

“Delight” is a new custom firmware for Nokia 808 PureView based on Belle FP2 v113.010.1508. The CFW features various mods,  patches, improvements, latest fixes and more. Check out the full changelog after break.

Nokia 808 CFW

Here’s a summarised version of the changelog, i.e. what’s different compared to stock Belle FP2 from Nokia:

  • Much more system disk space – the C:drive after flashing is a minimum of 600MB
  • Free RAM after booting is around 290MB
  • Various mods and patches, including ROMPatcher 3.1
  • An ID3 editor is built-in
  • The splitscreen keyboard is now fully black
  • The predictive dictionary is now on E:\
  • Various suppression of system pop-up messages
  • A SIP client is included
  • Nokia Internet radio is built-in
  • Voice Recorder can go up to a maximum of 5 hours at 256kbps
  • Transbelle Lighthouse theme included
  • Added 3*4 menu and 4*5 menus to Resolver
  • Enabled Dolby by default
  • The app menu is a-z by default
  • There’s ‘infinite’ browser cache, now on disk E:\
  • Various apps deleted from the firmware: Nokia Music, QuickOffice, F-Secure, Adobe Reader, Youtube, JoikuSpot light, World Traveler, Vlingo, Social, Bounce Boing Battle, Microsoft Communicator, Shazam, ColorizIt, Nokia Recommends (+ widget), CNN, Public Transport, default Backgounds, NFC tutorial, MS Office samples,  Video Pro, Silent Film Director
  • Added extra screen savers: Animation, Music Player, SlideShow


Following recent Belle FP2 updates are all also integrated:

  • 3G network compatibility fix
  • Application compatibility fix
  • Email and Calendar update
  • Fix for Messaging
  • Gallery and Camera update
  • Image share to Twitter
  • New homescreenwidgets
  • Nokia Big screen
  • Nokia Store
  • SMS Update
  • Telephony update
  • Wifi update
  • Youtube update to Gallery
  • Facebook ShareUI fix

Download Here

You can find the developer’s FAQ, Backup and Restore documentation, plus the Delight Resolver documentation in an archive file HERE

Note:- Installing custom firmware is extremely dangerous. Try this at your own risk.

[Source, AAS]

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