Dictate for Symbian updated to v2.6, Adds sports, news, SMS composition and more

Dictate, the third party voice recognition utility app for Symbian smartphones is updated to v2.6.0. The latest version add sports, news, SMS composition, camera opening, and more.


“Welcome to the new world of assisted voice recognition. Now You can speak text in Every Text Field of Your Phone!!! New languages: Russian, French, Dutch.

With this app you’ll have your secretary always on-the-go, it will read you messages, let you compose them, read and write events in calendar, open the navigator, music, maps, weather apps and ask for the time.”

Changelog v2.6.0: 

  • New function: Sport and latest news
  • Compose SMS with just voice
  • Reply on new messages after reading
  • Open Camera app
  • Wizard screen added for first start
  • IAP support deprecated (by Nokia)


Dictate for Symbian (Paid)

  1. Hendrik

    IAP support deprecated (by Nokia)

    What’s IAP and why was it deprecated by Nokia?

  2. Fakhre

    IAP – In App Purchase

    why deprecated? – No idea!