Download Nokia N8 Original Audio Themes & Alert Tones!

Here are the Nokia N8 original Audio Themes and Alert Tones, ripped off from N8 firmware. More N8 original stuffs are coming up. Until then Share &  Enjoy!

Audio themes feature allows you to personalize the user interface sounds of your phone. Audio themes are offered in packages which contain several sound files of a common theme. The packages contain usually the normal profile sounds (e.g. ringing tones, message alerts, clock alert, calendar alarm) but also sounds for phone handling (e.g. fold open, fold close) and menu events (enter menu, leave menu).

Your phone supports audio themes if you can find this icon in the menu (personalization/themes). If your phone doesn’t  supports audio themes you can still download and use the ringtones ripped  from N8 Audio Themes pack. Corresponding Audio Themes and their Ringtones are packed in respected zip files.

Download Nokia N8 Original Alert Tones Here.

Download Nokia N8 Original Water Audio Theme Here.

Download Nokia N8 Original Arctic Audio Theme Here.

Don’t Forget to share it with your friends ;D.

  1. adnan

    i download all 3 zip packs but in ist alert tone pack their is no app. To install. While in other to packs there are appl.s

  2. Fakhre

    Its only alert tons, Just copy them on your Sounds folder of device.

  3. Bikram

    i hav installed these audio themes on my nokia n8,,bt i cant fou/ind them on my phone…