Get free wallpapers for Windows Phone with ‘easyWallpaper’ app!

‘easyWallpaper’ is an image search app for Windows Phone, allows users to search beautiful wallpapers of exactly 480×800 size from millions of free pictures available on the internet. The app is available for free over Windows Phone Marketplace.

“easyWallpaper is a utility for searching and dowloading free wallpapers for your Windows Phone. easyWallpaper searchs for beautiful wallpapers among millions of free pictures on the internet. The result image size is exactly 480×800, hence there is no need to crop. easyWallpaper also supports searching for images of some specific color tone such as: red, yellow, brown, geen, blue, etc.

Main Features:

  1. Search 480×800 pictures from the internet by keywords
  2. Filter searching result by color tone (red, green, yellow,…)
  3. Browse pictures of predefined categories
  4. Share pictures on Facebook or Twitter
  5. Save pictures to the app local storage or the phone’s library
Download Here

‘easyWallpaper’ for Windows Phone 

Thanks to Arun for the tip!