Eyes on Dragon – Action adventure game for Nokia Lumia WP8 smartphones (Free)

New in store, Eyes on Dragon is nice action adventure game for Nokia Lumia WP8 smartphones developed by Own Games. In game you play Tako who is in run to catch his escaped dragon. The game features nice graphics and the gameplay is fairly simple, you have to chase the dragon, avoiding obstacles, collecting coins and power up.

Tako the dragon guardian needs your help! He fell asleep while he was guarding the dragon. The dragon has escaped and burn everything on his way! Let’s help tako catch the dragon and keep eyes on the dragon!

N3D Wp games

  • Chase the dragon, avoid the trees and the angry bull!
  • Jump using the pogo to collect coins and power up!
  • Change into SuperTako or ride the bull to help you chase the dragon!

Download Here (Free)

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