Firefox 4 Beta 4 released for Nokia N900

Quick heads-up, Today Mozilla team released latest Firefox 4 beta 4 for Android and Maemo devices. The update brings faster start-up, improved page load times and with reduced Memory and CPU usage browser is now more responsive and stable.

Firefox 4 beta mobile is built on the same technology platform as Firefox 4 for desktop computers, Check out the update summary below.

  • There are now over 100 add-ons for Firefox for Mobile, and counting.
  • Startup speed has improved visibly. This was a top request from Beta 3 users.
  • JavaScript is much faster – almost 15% performance improvement in Beta 4 compared to Beta 3.
  • Memory and CPU usage is reduced, making the browser more responsive and stable.
  • Improved user interface for easy connection with desktop Firefox.
  • Added an option to resize text to fit the screen when you double-tap to zoom in, to optimize the reading experience. This feature can be activated in the Firefox preferences.
  • Many miscellaneous bug fixes, usability improvements, and optimizations for a better experience.

To download – Just point your Android or Maemo device browser to .

For more check out complete release notes for Firefox 4 Beta 4 Here.

  1. Amarendra Bandla

    Tried this on my N900 and it is the slowest thing that I have ever used on this phone. Opera is much much better. Don’t understand whay Mozilla is doing for the past year or so, developing this browser.

  2. Fakhre

    Its still on beta dear!