Here’s how to install Temple Run on 512MB Lumia WP8 devices

Here’s a quick trick on how to install popular “Temple Run” game on low RAM (512MB) Lumia WP8 smartphones- like Lumia 520, 620.

Here are the steps:

    • Connect your device to Wi-Fi
    • Make sure app store in your device is closed.
    • Go to Wi-Fi setting, input in server address, and 8888 in port, then save.
    • Open app store, search app or game you want. All games, irrespective of your device configuration will be searched. Click on Temple Run.
    • Tap Windows key to back to home page, and go to Wi-Fi setting, close proxy server, and save.
    • Long pressing on back button and back to app store, and then you can install the application!

Video- Temple Run running on Lumia 620:

Note: The game is not yet officially released for 512MB RAM devices. The above trick appears to be a store hack.