Video: How to fix the Nokia Lumia 900 data connection problem

Nokia’s latest flagship device Nokia Lumia 900 was released in US on AT&T a couple of days ago and is selling like a hot cake, climbing-up the Amazon’s best seller charts. But as we reported earlier, some customers are experiencing data connection issues on the phone. Well, it seems like folks over Winsource have found a simple way to temporarily fix the problem. Check out the video after break.

YouTube Link:

Hey guys, this information is to fix the Lumia 900 data connection problem that some people may be experiencing. Some phones shipped without correct APN info, so you have to add your own.

The correct info to enter is here:

  • APN = wap.cingular
  • USER =
  • PASS = cingular1

Save and you should have a data connection.

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