How to hack Nokia Belle FP2 smartphones without Flashing! (For Nokia 808, 701, 700 & 603 )

As we have already posted, Nokia has started rolling out the Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 Fixed firmware update for its second generation Symbian^3 deviceswhich was temporarily pulled last week due to some bugs. Well, our good friend Siraj over at LoveMyNokia has posted a quick tutorial on how to hack Nokia 808, 701, 700 & 603 smartphones running Belle Feature Pack 2 update without flashing them.

Here are the three important packages we gonna use in this tutorial.

 Download all files in this dropbox folder -> Nokia Belle FP2 hack 

Step 1:

Change the ‘Chinese’ FileManager to ‘Engligh’

  • Install the sis file inside Safe_man to Mass or Card Memory other than the Phone memory.
  • Connect your phone in mass storage mode to PC.
  • From the above link download file name called English_rsc
  • Extract the contents to your desktop.
  • Open Memory Card or Mass storage in PC where you have installed the Safe File Manager.
  • Copy the contents of English_rsc to respective folders as stated below





  • Restart the phone to get inside file manager which  now show up in English language.

P.S : “!:/” indicates the drive which you selected during Safe File Manager Installation.

Step 2:

  • Download the remaining files and transfer them to your phone.
  • Open Safe Manager and click Other

Nokia Belle FP2 Hack

  • Select FileMgr.

Nokia Belle FP2 Hack

  • Tedious process starts here.
  • Goto the extracted files you copied from PC. Open For Cookers folder and then goto the extracted files you copied from PC. In my case its in  ”E:\For Cookers\private\10003a3f\import\apps\ RomPatcherPlus_reg.r01
  • Select the file and press right soft button and click copy.

Nokia Belle FP2 Hack

  • Now goto C:\private\10003a3f\import\apps\ and paste the file you copied by clicking insert option in File Manager.

Nokia Belle FP2 Hack

  • It asks you to enter the code to access System folders. Type the code shown and paste the file.

Nokia Belle FP2 Hack

Likewise copy-paste the files corresponding to Rom Patcher+ in correct directories in C . Do this carefully as it takes some time as Safe Manager doesn’t allow multiple files copy. Once you have pasted all files in C:/ . Reboot your phone.
Nokia Belle FP2 Hack

You can see ROMPatcher+ in Menu now. Congrats! most part of the tutorial is done.

Step 3:

  • Create a folder called ‘patches’ in MassStorage or Phone Memory .
  • Copy the contents of RP_Patches to that folder.
  • Now goto ROMPatcher+ and enable both patches.

Nokia Belle FP2 Hack

Once you have enabled the patches you can now install custom mods or other unsigned Sis files to your 808.

Nokia Belle FP2 Hack

Here is the example of my favourite EQ mods I just placed using the above hack in my 808 PureView.

Note:- Installing custom mods or hacking smartphones is extremely dangerous. Try this at your own risk, SymbianTweet will not be responsible for any damage.

  1. Abduvali Namazov

    Hm, nice, thanx! )))

  2. Satha Sb

    widget mods are compatible in fp2 via joshlog batch?

  3. John Anthony

    how can i convert safe manager to english before I install it

  4. RIch

    hi can i delete rom patcher plus when i’m finished?

  5. Niranjan Homkar

    hey can u post the above mentioned equilizer mods please

  6. Vitor Santos

    The hacking method for FP2 Belle devices works, but, have one issue.

    When you turn on the mobile, appear a windows with the message: system error.

    You need to click ok, and after that, the mobile works…

    (Nokia 808 Pureview)

  7. Givi Mdivnishvili

    has anyone got problem with gps after hacking nokia 808 fp2 with this method ?

  8. David Fong

    Note that InstallServer ROM patch 1.7 needs to be placed in the patches folder, not the InstallServer which is in the ‘For Cookers’ archive (or even the RP_Patches archive)

  9. Richard

    Can I uninstall Safe Manager once finished?