How to update your Symbian^3 phone software to Nokia Belle (Step by Step Tutorial)

Nokia has uploaded a new tutorial video on how to update your Symbian^3 device software to latest Nokia Belle update. We have also added extra precautionary measure on this post to help you updating your device with this latest Belle release.

Here are few steps on how to update with Nokia Belle:

  • First full charge your device
  • Must have installed fully working SIM card
  • Backup your full data using Nokia Suite
  • Ensure you have working internet connection on your PC
  • Ensure you have your PC and Internet modem connected to fully charged UPS
  • Install latest version of  Nokia Suite 3.3 or Software Updater app on your PC
  • Ensure your phone have full battery and is in online mode
  • Connect your device to PC via USB cable, select PC Suite one on device
  • Always use main USB Port to connect the device
  • Avoid connection through USB HUB or USB port provided on Keyboard or Monitor
  • Fire-up the update application
  • Perform the Full device Back-Up
  • Proceed to the downloading process
  • After downloads completed the app starts the process of updating, now this is the major part
  • Do not remove your device from the USB connection in any condition
  • The device will automatically restart after successful installation and you are done!

Update your phone software to Nokia Belle:

YouTube Link:

Download Latest version of Nokia Suite v3.3 here!

Check out Nokia Belle FAQ’s Here


  1. Chew Chun Hou

    my phone keep pop out “Mobile data off No Connection Available” at the top right coner. But I have close all the connection. How do this happen? Any solution?

  2. Binsar Halomoan

    i’m having problem with tweeties.

    1. When update to Belle, some apps don’t installed. I need to re-download. One of them is tweeties.

    2. Wi-fi already connected, i run tweeties. But wont receive any tweets on timeline, mention, or DM. Then i choose to logout.

    3. Then i try to re-run the tweeties. Press login, after a while an error pop up : Network error.

    Please help.

  3. Anonymous

    I have the leaked belle v111.030.0607 on my phone; my variant is still not showing on Navifirm+; is there another Variant you would recommend? Are there differences between them that would make the switch worthwhile?

  4. Kira

     its because ur screen widgets wants internet, u have to disable them from wanting internet o any other apps. then they wont search for internet connection

  5. Amine Aboulouafa

    is this code is available

  6. Marwan AbdElrahman

    I can’t have this update on my N8 ,, my product code is 059b288 and I know that this is what causing the problem.

    Nokia ,, when will you fix that !?!??!

  7. Umar Abdullahi

    when I click on the update menu it says no available update, i got the latest, i tried refreshing it, but it still says thesame thing, whats the way out pls?

  8. Fakhre

    Check Here – Nokia Belle software update – Availability

  9. Fakhre

    Nokia Belle software update – Availability

  10. Fakhre

    Check Here -> Nokia Belle software update – Availability

  11. Fakhre

    Nokia Belle software update – Availability

  12. Fakhre

    Nokia Belle software update – Availability

  13. Fakhre

    Check Here- Nokia Belle software update – Availability

  14. حسين الدالي

    the  Symbian belle is not  support Arabic?????

  15. Krod Kaewsamsi

    can not up date for N8

  16. BoyRock

    i updated my nokia x7 from anna to belle…I’m getinng a problem that my handsfree is not working on my cell…but it is working on other devices….can someone help me…?????/can i downgrade to Anna again????

  17. accurate engineers

    i want remove belle software how it possible

  18. Watchtamilmovies

    everything works except for qik.. if u experience any prob with the gps jst do a hard reset frm anna. fixed most of the problems 😉

  19. Sir-Francis Kiarie

    is Nokia C3-00 belong to the group of symbian^3 cause today my Nokia suite said upgrade your nokia pc suite in order to install nokia belle os on your phone

  20. Sir-Francis Kiarie

    can one install nokia belle on nokia C3-00

  21. ahmed shallo

    i am trying to download the symbian belle update but its taking too long then at the end its says connection error while the internet is still working. Any help?