Nokia Lumia 920 PureView vs HTC One UltraPixel – Camera Shoot-Out

HTC’s recently launched flagship smartphone HTC One clearly stands out among other Android smartphones with its new UltraPixel camera. The device features a 4MP camera with larger pixels for better night shots and optical image stabilization for smoother video recording just like Lumia 920. But how does it stands against the PureView tech we saw in the Nokia Lumia 920? Well, Pocketnow have posted a nice article comparing the low-light camera capabilities of Nokia Lumia 920 with HTC One. They have also shared video samples along with side by side comparison photos.

Medium-Long Distance, Moderate Light:


Medium-Short Distance, Dim Light:


Close-Up, Moderate Light


Long Distance, Extremely Low Light:


Exposure Challenge:


Nokia Lumia 920 HD Video Sample:

HTC One HD Video Sample:

Well, all of the above low-light  Lumia 920 camera samples looks much sharp and clear then HTC One. What do you guys think?

Full resolution photos are available over the source link.


  1. Eykin Ng

    Lumia still ahead. poor for htc one.

  2. Dror David Nachum

    Lumia kick-ass!!!

  3. HoSoonFatt

    Pureview still ahead.poor for lumia.

  4. Fattoni Toni

    Lumia 920 yeaahh… that’s the quality of Nokia 😉