Infographic: Nokia Maps vs Apple Maps vs Google Maps

We reported earlier, Nokia’s Free Navigation Suite for Lumia smartphones has won the ‘App Of The Year Award’ at 2012 Know Your Mobile Awards. Well, folks over Nokia’s official blog Nokia Conversations has published a neat infographic comparing Nokia’s mapping and location services with Google Maps and Apple Maps. Check out the infographic after break and find out which one is the best.


Check out the maps coverage –  The big map on top is Nokia’s, the bottom left is Google & Apple is on the right.

[By Nokia]

  1. Mirza Imamovic

    This map is outdated. Bosnia is fully covered with nokia maps. All streets are there 🙂

  2. Alex Ruppel

    The numbers are all well and good, but at the end of the day Nokia’s POI database is miserable. I live in a major city (Toronto), and enough restaurants, bars, grocery stores and pharmacies are missing from Nokia Maps to make searching for any of them a waste of time.

    If you know the address of where you’re going, Nokia Maps wins hands down. Otherwise, good luck.

  3. entre

    Nokia should make a GPS device

  4. Anes Mulalic

    True, but the streets are all messed up, names are duplicated and many roads are missing.