Inka Madness – Nice Platformer for Nokia Lumia WP smartphones (Free for Limited Time)

Inka Madness is nice platformer for Nokia Lumia WP smartphones developed by Magia Digital. The game is available free for limited time over Windows Phone Store.

You play Atuq, the favourite son of the ruler Inca Tupac Qhari and a great and fearless warrior who the gods have chosen, on the important mission to free his siblings from an awful curse and remove chaos from the Inca Empire of chaos.

game wp

 The day of the ceremony where Tupac Qhari cede the throne and real symbols to Sayre, suddenly an evil curaca appears “Phawak”, who wants to weaken the Inca Empire and sink into darkness. The Dark Warlock casts a spell on the heir and disappears.

Atuq will leave in search of the evil curaca in order to free his brother from this terrible spell. Come with us and help Atuq to fulfill its important mission in the way of the Incas. Immerse yourself now in a world full of adventure and danger!


Inka Madness for WP