Videos: Introduction to the new Nokia Asha UI and Asha Software Platform 1.0

Here are couple of new videos from Nokia Developer’s YouTube channel introducing the new Asha UI and Asha Software Platform 1.0.

“This webinar introduces Nokia Asha software platform 1.0 and what’s new for developers targeting the Nokia Asha 501 phone. It covers the updates to the development tools and the new APIs for Nokia Notifications, Image Scaling, Image Processing, Gestures, and File Dialog. After providing an overview to what’s new, Java™ expert Michael Samarin of Futurice provides coding demonstrations to show how to use the new features to build great apps.

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“This webinar gets you started with the new Nokia Asha UI, whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to Nokia app development. UX expert Jan Krebber of OCT03 demonstrates the cornerstone concepts of the new Nokia Asha UI and shows you how to apply them to your app designs. He also contrasts the most important aspects of the new Nokia Asha UI design with concepts of the earlier Series 40 Developer Platform and gives you the latest information on new UI tools to help you optimise your designs.

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[By NokiaDevForum]