Kinoni Remote Desktop App for Symbian, Free at Nokia Store

‘Kinoni’ is a remote desktop client for Symbian smartphones, allows you to remotely access your PC using your smartphone via Wi-Fi network.


  • Kinoni Remote Desktop application for Symbian
  • PC running Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • WiFi LAN Network


  • Install Kinoni Remote Desktop client from Nokia Store
  • Download and install Kinoni Remote Desktop server to your PC from here.

During installation you will be displayed a dialog as shown below. Enter a password for remote access and memorize it. Also write down list of computer addresses, you will them when connecting to PC.

  • Start Kinoni Remote Desktop application on your phone and click ‘Start’ button.
  • You will be asked for computer address. Enter address from list of addresses displayed on app menu.
  • Next you need to enter password. Type the password you entered during PC server app installation.
  • Connection is established. After a few seconds you should see computer desktop on your phone screen.


You can control your PC using touchscreen gestures. To move mouse cursor use one finger. To zoom in or our, use two finger pinching. For panning two finger gestures are also used.

To enter text, click the keyboard icon on lower right corner. That will display virtual keyboard and stop button to disconnect from PC.