Latest Version of Symbian Belle Leaked for Nokia C7!

Good news, Latest version 111.030.0607 of Symbian Belle OS now leaked for Nokia C7, No more N8 exclusive!


  • Nokia C7 RM-675 Original RC Belle 111.030.0607
  • No hack
  • No calibrated
  • Rofs3 cleaned
  • Original Rofs3 not public! Nokia includes diagnostic software. Illegal! Please no private message!
  • Please flash Nokia C7 RM-675 Original Anna Rofs3!!!!
  • A protected Core file can not be calibrated.
Download Here
Here is quick video tutorial on Belle update by Phoenix:
YouTube Link:- Few More:

Try at your own RISK!

NOTE:- Test it on your own responsibility, since there is no way to downgrade the firmware.

[Thanks to Willlaurent for Tip , Via]

  1. Fakhre


  2. Anonymous

    Hi admin,please tell me did it safe to flash?
    Tell me what do you think,thanks.

  3. Fakhre

    Flashing CFW is always dangerous, Try this at your own risk!

  4. Anonymous

    Yes,I know because I already flash my n8 without regret for 🙂
    The same I did today with my wife’s c7,I may say that is awesome!

  5. Riju Michael

    I flashed my C7 today with the above firmware using phoenix in dead usb mode…
    every thing went right till the first booting..
    but after showing the NOKIA screen it stuck and goes OFF again….
    Plz help meeee…….

  6. Christopher Baradi

    Any link for working phoenix service software msi

  7. Fasal A

    after the installation can i update official coming update’s in my c7?

  8. Fakhre


  9. Fakhre


  10. mani kandan

    i too flash my c7……do it properly it will work

  11. Partha Medhi

    if i updatee my c7 to symbian belle unofficialy does it wil work lyk the original one whch wil be realeased after some dayz !!!!! N can we update again after the official launch of original one if we went to nokia store n tell them of this cause !!!!

  12. Fakhre

    No, there is no going back!

  13. Luis Fuentes Cerda

    Software Update works fine but only keeps programs installed in the internal memory.  All programs and data stores on phome memory was erased.

  14. Luis Fuentes Cerda

    Does anybody had installed Nokia Bubbles on Symbian Belle?

  15. Rakesh Gupta

    OMG !!!!!!!!!
    really it works 😀 :D….
    m very happy bcoz i got symbian belle os without any error…

  16. Anonymous

    is it dangerous n can i revert if process fails ??
    plz do reply soon..

  17. Fakhre

    No going back!

  18. Nahid Ahmad

    I tried it and it worked excellently. Now I am very happy. Specially, email widget, the pull down bar gives access my most used features like switching of, silent. It is really good. The speed is not an issue. I love it. 🙂

  19. Fakhre


  20. Marcos Mucapera

    Witch one to download? all of them?

    PLZ help

  21. Anonymous

    thanks first but i want to installing arabic language

  22. Anonymous

    thanks first but how can installing Arabic Language

  23. Pierre Ziadeh

    hello Fakhre, my question is simple, if i flashed my C7 and installed the unofficial belle can i update it to the official version when it’s released? i mean can i reflash it to install the official belle and remake everything legal??

  24. Fakhre


  25. Anderson DCG™

    Does it really work? Can anyone who tried it before tell me…Please guide me

  26. Christopher Baradi

    Flashed it now with New Belle 609

  27. Nathan Scott

    I have had same problem as Riju Michael. all went right untill it wanted to boot to finalize flashing.  I press the power button untill it vibrates but after that nothing happens. please answer this problem as my phone is currently dead

  28. PSD P2Ptuts

    hey can you please share this files again because download link is not working

    thanks in advance