Leaked Nokia N9 Disassembly Pictures

Remember the leak of Nokia N9 back in June. Once again leaked images of suspicious Nokia N9 emerged over China. This time with a better view, but still the OS is unclear ( Meego 0r Symbian^4 ). Check out  the leaked Nokia N9 prototype disassembly picture.

Eegadget has also confirmed that this is Nokia’s original prototype by checked the visible handset’s serial number with Nokia’s internal network, all through their source.  The source also able to uncover an RM-680 product type classification (further distancing this from the RM-626 slider) and a 0595571 product code.

If you enlarge some of the N9 disassembly images you can clearly see – “Prototype Build B2” and “Not For Sail – Property of Nokia” labeling.

Click on the Image to Enlarge!

[Via Baidu]

  1. syed adnan ali

    cruel people!
    NOKIA N9 is dead now! 🙁 🙁 🙁

    i hate this job !

  2. Fakhre

    Hahha… No problem, we assemble it again 🙂