Link – Addictive Puzzle Game for Lumia WP8 smartphones

Link, is new addictive puzzle game for Nokia Lumia WP8 smartphones developed by Loon Apps. In game, you have to link colored dots with some path elements depicted on movable tiles. To do this, drag with your finger rows or columns of tiles to align the path elements of the right color. Once you have connected all the colored dots, you won.

link game

Link levels are composed of tiles. Each of them illustrate a colorful path element (segment, curve, intersection …). Colored dots are arranged on the edges of the game board. To win, you need to connect the dots with the path elements of the corresponding color.

Levels of the game have up to 8 colors: blue, green, yellow, red, purple, brown, gray, and black, and some levels of the game requires more than 200 moves to be resolved. Many hours will be needed to overcome Link.

The game features 120 levels of increasing difficulty. The first 40 levels are available in free trial.


Link for Lumia WP (Paid)