Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Nokia 808 PureView – Review

Michael Fisher from PocketNow has shared this review, comparing Nokia’s latest WP8 cameraphone flagship Lumia 1020 with first generation PureView Symbian smartphone Nokia 808.  


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Lumia 1020: click to expand.Lumia 1020 

808 PureView: Click to expand.Nokia 808

Indoor low-light performance:

Lumia 1020: Click to expand.

Lumia 1020 

808 PureView: Click to expand.Nokia 808

Video Samples:

Hardware Differences:



“In porting the PureView experience from the 808 to the 1020, Nokia consumerized the camera. The 1020 definitely reflects that compromise somewhat: its images are sharper but noisier, its camera app is slower, it packs a smaller sensor, and it lacks a dedicated image processor and an ND filter. But in exchange, you get that optical image stabilization and supreme low-light performance, bundled into a package that’s thinner, running on a modern software platform that provides a much richer shooting experience.

Ultimately, we think the 1020 gets close enough to the performance of the 808 to earn the “true PureView” name, while also bringing many more features to the table that average buyers will appreciate. The 808′s results will probably still be more pleasing to the eye of a professional photographer, but the tradeoff -being stuck on a dead-end platform with far fewer features- doesn’t really seem worth it. Given the choice, we think most folks would go for the 1020, and at the end of the day, that’s the one we’d recommend to a modern-day buyer.”

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