Extreme Macro Videography and Photography with Nokia N97 Mini

Taking a extreme close up shot from any cell phone is close to impossible even if you are using best camera phone in the market. Today we are going to tell you, how you can take extreme close up photos & videos using Nokia N97 mini, so read on….

Things you need:-

1- An old CD or DVD drive with lens.

2- Transparent cello tape & scissor.

3- Your Nokia N97 mini phone.

Now simply follow the steps carefully:-

1- Carefully take out the little lens out of the CD or DVD drive.

2- Take the lens & Keep it exactly over the N97 mini’s camera lens.

3- Now put a transparent cello tape over it to hold the lens on its place, make sure the DVD lens remains exactly over the phone lens.

4- If possible carefully try to cut the cello tape portion above the lens.

[ Note:- covering the lens with cello tape may decrease the photo & video clarity, but it works]

Video Tutorial: Setting up Macro Videography and Photography

Now you are ready to shot some micro photos and as well as videos, Just point your new micro camera to any tiny objects like insects to enter into macro world.

Here are some Macro Photos & Videos shot on Nokia N97 Mini, hope you like them.

Micro Insects on Lemon Leaf

Plant leaf

Spider Leg

Spider Horn


Ants Home

Inside Flower

Check out more Micro Photos here.

Wanna enter into Macro World just check out these videos:-

In video Ants

In Video watch out the Macro Insects on Lemon Leaf

Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial, Don’t forget to share your Macro shots with us – Just leave the link in comments!

  1. Mayur Agarwal

    Amazing tutorial. Just wondering all these lovely insects on a single lemon leaf, WOW. :)

  2. Fakhre

    Yes dear – Check out the Videos its amazing!

  3. glen

    i have a n79 so will this work for me and what about taking pictures of distant objects,is it clear???

  4. Ramalho.Blog

    Great tip, very cool. Hugs from Brazil.

  5. Fakhre

    Thanks Ramalho :-)

    & Thanks again for Posting it on your Blog.

  6. Evo

    Bravo! Superb man! Like it. I mean how u think outta box! :P

  7. Fakhre

    Thanks Dear, I am playing with it and this thing just happed :-)

  8. dreiggy

    Greate idea :) But how it works with fixed focus…?

  9. meegouser

    Excellent video and Tutorial! The photos also came out brilliantly.