Mysterious Nokia Lumia prototype running WP8 spotted in China

After the rumor of Nokia’s next-generation Lumia Windows Phone 8  handsets coming this Nokia World, here is another scoop. Folks over WPDang managed to get their hands on some images showing up mysterious Lumia styled Nokia Prototype running the Windows Phone 8 OS.
The device looks like a kind of  Lumia 800/900 hybrid –  large size as of Lumia 900, with the curved screen of the 800. Not much was revealed about the prototypes, apart from what you see – the new Yellow body, old Windows Logo on touch button, Nokia logo in new top position and the “” mark at buttom of screen. Also the device appears to be either running Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 7.8, neither of which have been released yet.
[Via WPDang]
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