Navifirm Plus updated to v2.0, Allows Firmware Image Downloads Once Again

Navifirm, the popular firmware tool that allow Nokia users to download latest firmware images from Nokia online firmware repository is updated to v2.0.

Few months back, Nokia locked unauthorized access to its online Firmware Repository via Navifirm tool. But now it looks like that hackers have found a way to still access the latest firmware. Navifirm Plus v2.0 is a modded version of  Navifirm app, which still allows users to download firmwares from Nokia Server.


Whats new on v2.0:

  • New: NaviFirm+ automatically downloads and installs new updates
  • New: Engine Rewritten from scratch
  • New: Favourites Product Codes list
  • Improved: transfer speed! network communication is gzip-compressed
  • Improved: caching policy is handled by the server, you don’t need to worry about cleaning the cache to get fresh results
  • Improved: refuses to add duplicated files to the download queue
  • Improved: minor GUI improvements
  • Removed: ShowExtendedInfo and ServerIndex settings
  • Known Issues: doesn’t support proxy. Proxy support will be added in next releases.

Unfortunately the software is not free, you have to make small donation to get it here.