Nextgen Reader for Nokia Lumia WP8 smartphones updated

The developer of the popular RSS Reader Nextgen Reader has released a new update for the Windows Phone app. The latest version brings a number of improvements and fixes to the app, check out the full changelog after break.

Nextgen Reader is the fastest Google Reader app for Windows Phone with Mango support. Clean, beautiful & simple design, inspired from Windows Phone mail app with great features.

What’s new in v4.5:

  • New: Secure Oauth2 login.
  • New: Faster sync engine (supports incremental syncing).
  • Updated share menu design with copy title & link options.
  • Updated ‘headline + large images’ list style.
  • Fixed: Syncing issues or errors.
  • Fixed: Live tile/background task issues.
  • Fixed: “Mark above as read” bug.
  • Fixed: Configuring Facebook or Twitter accounts.
  • Several other bug fixes and performance improvements.


‘Nextgen Reader’ for Nokia Lumia (Paid App)

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  1. et3rnal

    Google reader almost dead, this better rush to support other services