Nokia 5530 Firmware Updated to v40.0.003

Here is another one, Nokia 5530 firmware updated to v40.0.003Its previous software version was  32.0.007.

You can update your Nokia 5530 firmware over OTA (Over-The-Air) or by using Windows PCapplications  Nokia’s Software Updater or Nokia Suite. The Nokia 5530 does have UDP (User Data Preservation), but its always good idea to backup all of your personal data before updating the device firmware. The firmware update is about 7 MB in size via OTA.

Whats New in v4:

  • Symbian Anna Browser v7.3.1.33
  • Nokia Maps v3.06
  • Supports International Domain Names (IDNs)
  • Supports non-ASCII letters such as Arabic or Chinese
  • Gives a better overall browsing experience


  • It may take some time before the new firmware is available for your region.
  • The official full changelog will be added soon, Meanwhile if you notice some thing new  after updating your Nokia 5530, tell us in your comments!


  1. jaheer mohd

    belle like browser mans… with tails and multi-tab…?

  2. Azam Jan

    finalllllllllly …… waited 4 soooooo long

  3. Azam Jan

    finally …. waited 4 sooooo lonf … thnx for the outrageous newx

  4. Mark andrew Pablo

    how and where can i downlaod this firmware??

  5. Mark andrew Pablo

    when will the 40.0.003 firmware for may 5530 be available in our country (Philippines) i keep on checking updates but still its not available….

  6. elis

    i have updatet my 5800 whith OTA and now is much better in:
    1. battery life
    2. browser
    3. swype to unlock (coolet thing)
    4. WiFi  adn some other bugs, i live in Albania

  7. Mark andrew Pablo

    philippines finally have the update…i successfully updated my device last night….except from the browser and swipe to unlock i haven’t notice any improvements yet….i need more time to  observe if there some improvement on its overall performance….my only problem is i have an SPB mobile shell so i dont know if the shell is affecting my device coz it always automatically turn on and off….

  8. Robert john

    I cant download 40.0.003 for my 5530.. im in the philippines also/ T_T someone help me.. please.

  9. Abhed Sarang

    does the update avalable in india ???????????

    plzz plzz plzz help

  10. Fakhre


  11.  Is the update availble in Bulgaria??

  12. Akmal El-mandary

    how about indonesia?? does the update available??