Nokia 5800 Firmware Updated to v60.0.003

Finally, Nokia 5800 firmware updated to v60.0.003Its previous software version was 52.0.007.

On 29th of  June 2011, Nokia announced a major software update for few loved old  Symbian 3.2 and Symbian 5.0 devices, From the date we got regular quarries about the firmware update news of the announced devices, specially for Nokia 5800 after the news of delay. Today we just got the news that new planned software update is now rolling-out eventually for Nokia 5800 and will be reach to you very soon. As promised Nokia will soon release the new firmware updated for  X6 and 5530.

You can update your Nokia 5800 firmware over OTA (Over-The-Air) or by using Windows PCapplications  Nokia’s Software Updater or Nokia Suite. The Nokia 5800 does have UDP (User Data Preservation), but its always good idea to backup all of your personal data before updating the device firmware. The firmware update is about 7 MB in size via OTA.

Whats New in v6:

  • Symbian Anna Browser v7.3.1.33
  • Nokia Maps v3.06
  • Supports International Domain Names (IDNs)
  • Supports non-ASCII letters such as Arabic or Chinese
  • Gives a better overall browsing experience


  • It may take some time before the new firmware is available for your region.
  • The official full changelog will be added soon, Meanwhile if you notice some thing new  after updating your Nokia 5800, tell us in your comments!

[Thanks to Sten for the tip]

  1. Bj Dy

    updating… asian region 🙂 thanks!

  2. Raunak Gulecha

    i bought nokia 701 . bt still hav my 5800..hearing this in love with al over again 🙂

  3. nilesh jain

    in india not available now?????????????

  4. Im

    after i update, i see nothing change and don’t have Symbian Anna Browser !!!!!!!!!

  5. Ãnshika ßains

    haha i had a custom firmware runnig on my 5800 since 2010 having almost all features nokia has given in thier official firmware v60.0.003 excluding thier anna web browser
    which was included in my previous week updated firmware flashing..
    so i dont give a damn to this update !

  6. Alex Lim Ket Thong

    Why after I updated my phone, don’t have those improvements?

  7. RastiscaR Wazakaka

    rhaa nokia plis add a overcloking option 😀

  8. Anonymous

    i still waiting for my e75 fimware updates, its still using rm412 with last update was on march 2010! lol. ain’t that “smart”phone anymore.

  9. Hiew YThang

    My Nokiaupdater system did not search this.. What should i do?

  10. Sneha Gupta


  11. i updated my nokia 5800 xm to version (60) 

    and the browser doesnt download anything

    im from (middle east )  ((oman))
     red color
    please consider my problem
    i cant download anything from the browser !! meesage::(( cant download file))
    nothing can be downloaded from this browser >>
    i wish i didnt update m y phone
    i want to downgrade the firmware

  12. please help !!!

  13. modiriat

    من نصب کردم.اینترنت براوسر و آنلاک اسکیرین عوض شده ولی هنوز متوجه تغییر کیفیت زیادی نشده ام.
    حسین ناظری از ایران تهران

  14. Akshay Mahurkar

    It’s Not Getting Download Via SW update though it’s Showing Phone Software (Important) Available. It’s Say Update Via pc. Am downloading OVI suite and hoping that it’ll be available. As I’l be able to update, will let you know the New Features. 🙂

  15. Bj Brijen

    same thing with me also 

  16. Li Zong Sheng

    only browser update… i think…
    waited so long for this update…

  17. Li Zong Sheng

    Plus a huge standby clock!! 

  18. Ananthu Mb

    update was good…, bt waits for the marking tool in gallery..!! also the anna icon tooo.

  19. Cool Cog

    available using ovi suite

  20. elis

    have updatet my 5800 whith OTA and the new sfw is better in:
    1. Battery life
    2. Web browser
    3. WiFi
    4. Has a “swype to unlock” that is cool and a big digital clockthat can be see in lockscreen ;)am in Albania

  21. duane almeida

    i really need someones help:i did get the new software update for my nokia 5800,but when i try to update my mob the only option i get to update is only via pc…i have done updates bfor through my mob but ths time its not ther….i tried vis pc its sayin update server s havin a prob..pls help me to get my mob updated through my mob itself

  22. junar occidental

    not available in philippines.. when???

  23. hussain balister

    @symbiantweet:twitter  i still didn’t get notification of the update is there any other to download it and feed it to my 5800 ?

  24. Fakhre

    The update is rolling-out eventually, will arrive to your region soon!

  25. Fakhre

    The update is rolling-out eventually, will arrive to your region soon!

  26. Fakhre

    The update is rolling-out eventually, will arrive to your region soon!

  27. Fakhre

    Please update your PC software – Nokia Suite to latest built! 

  28. Fakhre

    Try New Nokia Suite! 

  29. spiderman batman

    Thanks, but can you give specific timelines.

  30. Alok Sharma

    This update made my OVI maps non functional. Every time Maps crases with massage to update ovi maps from site.

  31. Anonymous

    New firmware updates are not available on OVI suit, can anyonw please confirm me when this will be available on OVI or pleae help me if I can update new firmware from any other soure but other than OTA..
    Zahid From Pakistan

  32. sham

    I tried to update via OTA & nokia suite, but it saying my phone is on up to date.
    but my firmware version is v52.0.007 How can I update it

  33. Ahmed Daanyal

    i,m in Pakistan using nokia 5800 rm-356 and the newer firmware v60 is still not available to me, i tried through nokia suit, software updater and daily i check through OTA. any idea is that with me or the update is not yet available in Pakistan. :'( i want that update. plz reply 

  34. Fakhre

    Please contact Nokia Care center- Update is out from long time ago!

  35. sammarabbas

    plz tell me how i update my nokia 5800xm….

  36. wajidkhan

    hi dear , how are u i hope u ll be fine , how i can update my nokia 5800 software , plz tell me , my email is , i ll be waiting

  37. Nirvan

    i can’t update my nokia 5800 :'(

  38. Luis James

    Not available in India yet. Can anybody answer, when it will be available in india?

  39. Krishna

    is ti on nokia x6

  40. Jay

    dude, why i cant update my n5800xm??, using wireless connection. my latest firmware is 51 & i cant udate to v60? it says that: no update available. Also in nokia suite. WHY is that? plssss help me….

  41. gowthamsekar

    I tried to update via OTA & nokia suite. Please give update software (v 60.0.003)

  42. kingkhan

    plz someone tell me how i update my nok 5800 software and firmwar
    PLZZZZZZ mail me i’m waiting