Nokia 5800 gets a Firmware Update to V52.0.007

Nokia 5800 gets a Firmware Update and updated to V52.0.007. Its previous software version was V51.0.006.

You can update your Nokia 5800 firmware over OTA (Over-The-Air) or by using Windows PC applications like Nokia’s Software Updater or Ovi Suite . The Nokia 5800 does have UDP (User Data Preservation), but its always good idea to backup all of your personal data before updating the device firmware.

Note: There is no official changelog yet, But we will update you as soon as we get. Meanwhile if you notice some thing new  after updating your Nokia 5800, tell us in your comments!

[Thanks to Dhanusaud for the lead]

  1. a_usman

    Wow, great, going to update my phone now. Thanks for info.

  2. Fakhre

    Great, Tell us if you notice any change!

  3. Anonymous

    Heh yesterday my software broke(v51) today i got up, turned on my pc, OVI suite didnt tell me that there was an update so I reinstalled, Saw v52.0.007 when the local mode showed up.. and started to wonder… and here it is just this morning v52 came out…. 😀 I’m soo lucky… 😀 I guess

  4. Anonymous

    + Upgrade CPU performance
    + Improved wifi, connection error OVI
    + New map software!
    + V52 shows pictures and movies better!
    + No NokiaEmail
    + Interface does not change!

    Here found this in one blogger’s page, dont know that this is true but…

  5. farokh

    whats differenttsssss, no new home screen added???

  6. Fakhre

    Hahha, In fact you are!

  7. Fakhre

    Thats great – Let us know if you encounters any of these in your device.

  8. Fakhre

    Thats sad, Lots of Nokia 5800 users expected that!

  9. sarath

    There is some change in the QWERTY keypad. Just open your messages, and look into it. I cant explain it, but there definitely is a change in the Keypad.

  10. Anonymous

    Hi, I’m satisfied with the V51 regarding the battery life which is for me one of the first concerns. For those who have updated to V52 did you notice any changes regarding this issue. Normally whenever I found an update for the 5800 I’ve upgraded whitout asking. Now I’m afraid that this update will take me back to the issue with the (V30 or V31 I think) where the battery was completly drained in less than 24 hours with normal use.
    Thank you

  11. Francois Botha

    The black line between the bottom keys and the space bar is larger.

  12. Hilman Ariffin

    I don’t get the ‘shows better pics and movies’ bit. How is it different?

  13. torpe

    yes, it’s larger and letter font is slightly bigger. i personally find this horrible