Nokia 600 : Running Symbian Belle, 1GHz ARM powered , NFC enabled device Leaked!

Well, we came to know this leak (and some others) just before Nokia Connection event, but due to lack of sufficient proof we abandoned the post. Today with this leaked pictures of  Nokia proto so called Nokia 600 (Codename Cindy) lead us to the point that there are some more Symbian Belle devices pipelined for future release.

So what’s the scoop. Look at below document images, (folks over Flashfly some how managed to get them just few hours before the Nokia Connection event from some reliable source). Yes If this leaked device is Nokia 600, then there are more to come – Nokia 700, Nokia 701 and Nokia 500 all Symbian  Belle device powered by 1GHz ARM processor.

Images of Nokia 600 are scatted over blogosphere. let’s diagnose if this proto device is actual Nokia 600.

Look at the above image, well it seems it is Nokia 600. So Nokia 700, Nokia 701 and Nokia 500 have to come, or we can say to leak………LOL!

Some details of Nokia 600 According to Flashfly’s Images :

  • Codename Cindy
  • Targeted to Youth
  • Attractive Price
  • Built in FM Radio antenna
  • Big Sound
  • NFC
  • Fast 1 GHz Processor
  • 5 MP camera
  • 3.2″ AMOLED

Now look at the below pictures, Only three of the above specs get confirmed, together with Symbian Belle OS , which is confirmed via the UI from the very first image we posted.

Some more image:-

So, are you guys satisfied that this proto is actually Nokia 600. Let us know in your comments!

Few more facts on upcoming release if we tear down the Flashfly’s Images :

  • Nokia 701 codename Helen will be successor to Nokia C7
  • 8.1 is the version of the new browser in Symbian Belle OS
  • Nokia 700 codename Zeta will be Nokia’s thinnest smartphone

[Source Flashfly, via Excellular]

  1. Amr Osama Ali

    Symbian belle looks cool, the Nokia 600 as sepcs is nice but I don’t like the look. Glad to know that Symbian is still continuing and finally we will see a 1Geg processor in a symbian device : )

  2. Fakhre

    As Nokia 600 is targeted to youth with attractive price- means device have to compromise with the overall look!

  3. Anonymous

    And these will be available in the U.S. when? Yeah, in about 9 years, if Nokia’s current release schedule continues unchanged.

    Thanks, it’s always nice to see what’s in the pipeline, even if I expect that humans will evolve telepathic communication powers, before Nokia is able to release them to the U.S. market.

  4. Fakhre

    Hope so, If all goes well!

  5. Chew Chun Hou

    Symbian Belle is still Symbian^3? or more advance Symbian? what is the differences? Kinda confuse on Symbian Anna and Symbian Belle…and will Symbian Belle available for N8?

  6. Fakhre

    Human Error “Typo”!

  7. Fakhre

    Its Advance!

    Yes, Symbian Belle will be available to all S^3 devices via update at last week of August 2011.

  8. Gailan Ali

     WTF, what is the small screen.

  9. Chew Chun Hou

    Oh…but how about Symbian Anna? N8 get update for Symbian Anna or Symbian Belle? Because I heard some news that August 2011 is for Symbian Anna update.

  10. Fakhre

    Oops, Its Symbian Anna ( I have corrected by previous comment!)

  11. Civ Otaku

    Why the new names? Or are they just temporary?

  12. Chew Chun Hou

    ok…thats mean we will first get Symbian Anna update…then after some time just will get Symbian Belle update?Thank you for the information…

  13. Tero Lehto

    Nokia 702T was announced about two weeks ago for China Mobile including a QWERTY keyboard, 2,5 inch screen with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. It has an 8 megapixels camera. So maybe these new ones are affordable models for developing markets too?

  14. Hakim


  15. Anonymous

    something about Zeta, Nokia 700 caught my eye… It says the thinnest smarphone ever..???!!!! – Ever made by Nokia? or Ever to run Bella (well that would be absurd given that none runs on Bella now) or Ever on Symbian???

  16. Fakhre

    Right now , we don’t have much details about these names!

  17. Fakhre

    Yes, they are!

  18. Marcin W

    In some sources I’ve read that 700 Zeta will be 10 mm thick, so not even Symbian thinner smartphone (C7 is under 10 mm).