Nokia 808 PureView coming to Norway and Sweden

At MWC Nokia announced that the Nokia 808 PureView wouldn’t be coming to Sweden and Norway officially. Well, there is slightly change in Nokia’s plan now- following-up the strong request for camera moster Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia has now decided to bring the device to Sweden and Norway.

1- Sweden 

Following the fantastic response after the launch of the Nokia 808 Pure View from Swedish operators operators,, retailers and consumers, we are now pleased to announce that the Nokia 808 Pure View will be sold in Sweden. Nokia 808 PureView appointed in Barcelona “Best New Mobile Handset, device or Tablet at Mobile World Congress 2012″ which of course we are very proud!

2- Norway

Initially, Nokia 808 PureView was not slated for sale in Norway, but because of great interest and numerous requests from our customers, we have now decided to make about the decision that Nokia 808 PureView will be sold in Norway!

List Confirmed for Nokia 808:

  • India
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Germany

[Via MNB]