Nokia 808 vs Lumia 920 vs Google Nexus 4 – Smartphone Battle

AAS has summed-up a nice comparison table comparing top flagship smartphones- the Nokia 808, Nokia Lumia 920 and Google Nexus 4 against each other head-to-head in-respect of their Form factor, OS, UI, Camera, Navigation capabilities, Hardware, Battery capacity, etc. Check out their comparison table after break.

Nokia 808 vs Lumia 920 vs Google Nexus 4We have a tie here – all smartphones got 6 Green score. Well, according to Steve of AAS none of these devices are remotely perfect, yet they each have attractions that will appeal to different types of smartphone user.

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Note: The table is based on part reference, part subjective opinion. And the winners are selected according to the total number of Green points they got.

[Via AAS]