Nokia Belle custom firmware for Nokia 5800 updated to v8.2.3

Quick heads-up, “Nokia Belle” the custom firmware for Nokia 5800 is updated to v8.2.3. The latest version brings bug fixes and performance improvements to the ROM.

Terminal: Nokia 5800 XM 
RM-Based: 356 
Core Based: 60.0.003 
Porting Based: C6 v42.0.004 
Release Last published: NOKIA BELLE OS 8.2.3


  • Mod battery level
  • fix problems MediaBar,
  • fix keys sms
  • fix installing some app
  • fix fonts icon music player
  • fix keyboards and messages
  • fix extra button
  • fix display photos
  • main menu style graphics s ^ 3
  •  s ^ 3 landscape
  • Riorganizati widgets major
  • set to max and improved internal loudspeaker voice called x better sound
  • reorder app menu and folders
  • pack beautiful now be installed with the various app
  • Speed sensors and increased kinetic scrolling
  • Ram and volocita start abbrevviata
  • Browser Cache retains up to 30 MB
  1.  We do a hard reset of the phone before the flash and after we format the Memory Card 
  2. When you reboot do Flash with JAF (NOT USED PHOENIX) in the usual way. The necessary files are all available for download. Downloading from the links that you will put at the disposal of the 6 files you need to put in the folder RM-356. For a correct installation of the QT and maps you need the Flash Uda . 
  3. After the flash after switching on the device , do not touch the phone for about a minute (until the battery charge indicators and widget \ signal) then start the aggenda if you want the widgets visualizare notifications.
  4. We make no further reset to not lose the benefits that the UDA in this version takes in the QT and maps

NOTE: If your phone is installed CFW prior to nokia belle os7.x, or other cfw is recommended after performing another format the Flash memory card

============================== ==== == =========================== =======

 Nokia Belle OS 8 is available in no less than four separate versions, two with TAP AND TWO WITH SWIPE TO UNLOCK / LOCK. 
The other two (TAP SWIPE) with the addition of the battery and signal indicators and a second without the latter even if the release year more preferred from you (both versions incorporate the Navibar Fine). 
The difference between the four lies in the fact that the version, that without any display (operator logo can also be removed by dedicated app), better suited to the installation of the Belle topbar (enclosed in extra pack), that would otherwise encroach indicators, creating a bad result graphically. 
Who is not interested in topbar can also install the version with all indicators in their place. No problem for Extra Buttons, however, be used in both versions without any problems since I put the writing side and not centered. 
=================== ============ ====== === ====== ==== ==== 
The Tap corresponds to block the cell by touching a button that appears on the display. then “plugging” of that key.
PREVIEW: the Swipe is to pass your finger on an arrow that appears in place of the previous key. then instead of a tap to do a slide with her finger on the arrow.
Maps and QT) + ROFS3]
Nokia Belle os 8 [Core + (Uda Maps and QT) + Rofs3] DOWNLOAD 

Nokia Belle OS 8.2 (Swipe To Unclok) – DOWNLOAD
Nokia Belle OS 8.2 (Tap To Unclok)  – DOWNLOAD
Nokia Belle OS 8.2 (Swipe To Unclok&Senza-Indicatori) – DOWNLOAD
Nokia Belle OS 8.2 (Tap To Unclok&Senza-Indicatori)  – DOWNLOAD

== ============================ ====== ================ =========== =======
Belle top bar Pack Extra Buttons Pack DOWNLOAD 
Games more N-gage1.30 Pack DOWNLOAD 
Patches for RomPatcherPs Pack DOWNLOAD 
Topics 5th edition pack DOWNLOAD 
thinkchange Pack DOWNLOAD 
Wallpapers Pack DOWNLOAD 

Need Help:

Note:- Installing custom firmware is extremely dangerous, Try this at your own risk, SymbianTweet will be not responsible for any damage.

  1. Richi

    has someone tried it? Is English working now? Can also someone clearly explain which files to install? I understand the difference between tab and swipe version, but what is the Rofs3 file? All files must live in the same folder? Thanks

  2. Manju Cm

    English please……………

  3. saga837

    hey wt r the 6 file tobe copied to the product folder
    pls reply asap

  4. babai001

    firmware language is in italian,what I have to do to convert it into the english

  5. Pranjal Rawat

    jaf showing files corrupted or missing!!!!

  6. rezaghkt

    where is main file download link? I can’t find it

  7. Dharmendra

    English language is not working, seems this CFW was created for Italian language only. modder has moved out after creating of this cfw, this is Bad.
    lot of people are struggling to have a feel of this cfw creation … but they are confronted by bad LUCK and no one seems helping them …

  8. TbRIu

    Don’t cy english language can it be posible to fix this ?! I can’t understand italian but really love this CFW so please fix this. Thank you.

  9. Abhishek Saini

    looks like you have copy pasted whole post from that latino site without even checking what language is it in ? it is in freaking italian dude…i even tried adding english files in firmware editor and still doesn’t work.

  10. Fakhre

    Will try to reach modder for English version…!

  11. Vikrant Singh Rajput

    pls load video for flashing for nokia 5800..

    and do we have to put all file nokia belle os 8.2 and extra pack in same folder .. after extracting the file …???? pls answer this…?????? waiting …

  12. Manju Cm

    can any one provide link to belle 8.2.3 CFW in English……….
    thanks in advance

  13. Agnes Tri Anggara

    can i get the english version?

  14. Vikrant Singh Rajput

    is it available in English ….and please send full description to install on Nokia 5800 what are the thing that needed to put in the folder …

  15. Rahat1206

    finally i inputed english….. export the language(en) of symbian anna 7.5 and input language to belle v8.2.3 with NFE.. thank you.. awesome cfw

  16. Manju Cm

    can u post link for how to export language to cfw….

  17. Manju Cm

    i exported english language from 7.5, yet to try……….:-)

  18. Rahat1206

    u can do it by nokia firmware editor.. 0.3 (NFE)
    it is really easy. posted the mideafire link.. somehow it was deleted.. !!

  19. Rahat1206

    this is the language file.. download and input by NFE..

  20. denmar relova

    i reflash it and change it to english language and after that the belle bottom icon has been change the right side are letter E and the left are A
    what can i do??
    how to change it back to default??
    :(( please help

  21. Manju Cm

    i changed the language to english and i am using it now.
    RAM memory is ok…
    nice one but c memory is 60MB only……..

  22. Prateek

    Didn’t work for me.. After flashing, it did not load.. It kept on restarting after Select Current region screen..and after that error came “Phone start up failed, contact retailer”

  23. Lambuchan Martinez

    Thank you for this OS, but i have a problem.

    I Have Nokia 5800 and i already installed this os, but i am shocked that its only default language is italian, im not an itallian so i dont understand it. After i tried to flash “Again” my 5800, the driver of my 5800 is not responding. In other words, i cant flash it.

    I’ve used Jaf and i want to flash it again to Custom firm ware.

    Can you Help me how to Fix this problem?

    Thank you in advance!

  24. Sten Matveev

    Yes, thank you to pointing to NFE. Successfully added English as default and Russian KB! Great!

  25. Yogesh Thakare

    in download link ther is only 1 file? where is other?

  26. hussain

    plzzzzz english

  27. hussain

    ur cfw is realy great bt plz change system language to english we all are w8ing

  28. Mohammed Adnan Faraz

    How did u change the language from italian to english ??

  29. Raminder Singh

    plzzzzzzzz addddd punjabi and english language

  30. P_Saint

    pls, can you upload final file with english language? thnx

  31. P_Saint

    I already did it myself

  32. Fermin

    Use nokia NFE editor to add the language you want. I extracted spanish language from anna 7.9 and added to this rom, and all ok. I used this procedure, but only used the NFE editor: when it says that use nokia cook, please, use the Repack/Rebuild option in NFE and all goes ok. Then use this new rom. Manual to change language with NFE:

  33. Jerico Olino

    Please upload a english language…..

  34. awaisdbz

    I managed to add english language.

  35. awaisdbz

    I managed to add english language.

  36. awaisdbz

    same problem in ma phone , i managed to add English language.Now Working.

  37. awaisdbz

    same problem in ma phone , i managed to add English language.Now Working.

  38. Alen Carnojevic

    I added languages easily to cfw’s witg nokia firmware editor guys.

  39. obie

    Swipe to unlock is not working.. I extracted the English Language from Belle 7.9 and rebuilt it with the 8.2 and re-flash it using the rebuilt one. what should i do??

  40. Kalang MeTek

    english language plezz

  41. gamer1203

    please help, phone not found

  42. spide_nimbuzz

    successfully installed this CFW with English lang…:D

  43. spide_nimbuzz

    Guyz its very easy to install language pack into this CFW..
    English Language File is here 1st download this “”
    Adding Language to Firmware:
    1. Download Nokia FrimWare Editor 3.0 (NFE)
    2. Open the file named “RM-356_60.0.003_prd.rofs2.V05” with NFE
    3. Click Extract icon on NFE
    4. At the left Bottom of NFE you can see the current operation, Wait until it turns “Done! Ready for cooking…” like this
    5. Now navigate to “ResourceBootdatalanguages.txt” there you can see the value something like “05,d” where 05 indicates Italian so change the value into “01,d” where 01 indicates English. After changing the value save the file.
    6. Now click “ReLoad from HDD” icon its show some warning click yes.
    7. Click “Tools–>Language Manager”, Goto Import/Export Languages Tab. Click Import and navigate to the downloaded English Lang Pack.
    8. Yoc can see the Operations going on at the bottom “Importing Language File

    Extracting to currently open Firmware…
    Updating available Language list…

    Finished” like this.
    9. You can also delete unwanted languages. Now close the language manager window and click “Repack/Rebuild” icon.
    10. you can see a file named “RM-356_60.0.003_prd.rofs2_ReBuilt.V05” in the firmware folder rename it into “RM-356_60.0.003_prd.rofs2.V05” as like the original file name. Now flash your phone with this files.
    Thats It!!! You have Finished!!!

  44. Sanya55

    hungarian language anybody know?

  45. Jenito Regaton

    i am using the english version at last page of the post

  46. Mrittunjoy Chowdhury

    Hahaha .. Symbian Anna v7.9 para Nokia 5800 u get 80 MB free.. wohooo..

  47. türk

    Türkçe yokmu Türkçe plese

  48. TÜRKÇE


  49. Gregorius Pratama

    sama gan. haha