Nokia Belle Widget Collection

Many Symbian^3 device owners who recently upgraded their devices to Symbian’s latest update ‘Nokia Belle’ has reported missing widgets. Well, folks over Dailymobile forum has posted a huge collection of working Nokia Belle widgets, download link after break!

Download Here

Nokia Belle Widget Collection

In order to install them you need to hack you Belle device first!  

More info over  here

  1. Saad Tabbara


  2. Amarilis LoeZa

    Hello   what that “after break” means? otherwise won]t work??  O_0

  3. Tordai János

    “To install these widgets you require to hack your phone.” … 

  4. Anonymous

    You have to hack your phone to use this. That’s not a option. So this to me is useless.

  5. Dipak Panchal

    oh jesus………..dont want to hack my official update now so what.

  6. okkoya

    There is no need to hack your phone, most of these work if you just sign them, except “Mobiledata tracker” and “Musicplayer”. Otherwise, all will work if you sign them and install them in your C: or E:, except the large calender one, must be in C:.

  7. Shannan Alphonso

    u can sign the .sis file n then install it on an unhacked phone,

  8. Francisco Javier Thevenin Alva

    How can i Sign this widgets? Because I don’t want to hack my phone.

  9. Steeve Pronovost

    i just downloaded them to c memory and they all work find with out hacking my phone.Steeve,vancouver ca

  10. Fakhre