Nokia Extras + Info for Lumia WP8 updated, Brings Call and SMS filtering

Nokia has released a new version of its Extras + Info system app for Lumia WP8 smartphones. The latest version brings ability to block calls and SMS messages to Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphones running GDR2 (OS build 10327 or later) update.

For older Lumia Windows Phone 8 the update brings enhancements for accessories app, along with general fixes and improvements.


“Extras+info is an easy way to ensure you always have the latest features, app updates and current settings. The latest version of this helpful app provides ‘under the hood’ improvements to fine-tune your Nokia Lumia experience.”

What’s new?

  • Call and SMS filtering (GDR2)
  • General fixes and improvements
  • Eenhancements for Accessories application


Extras + Info for Lumia WP8

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