Nokia finally locks out access to Firmware Images via Navifirm

Quick heads-up, Access to Nokia Firmware Images via Navifirm tool is now blocked!!

Nokia Navifirm Blocked

Late last year Nokia announced that it will be closing unauthorized access to its online Firmware Repository via Navifirm tool. And it looks like that time has finally come, Nokia has now finally blocked the access to its firmware repository. From now on, you’ll need a Nokia Online login to access firmware images.

Access blocked NaviFirm


  1. Vesta12

    Does anybody have the Navifirm + 1.7 Cache?

  2. DarkWolf

    But is still able to download with direct link…

    Maybe is possible to change navifirm simply in a database and collect all links (it require a really small host). Eg:

  3. nokia n9 user

    what are those numbers next to nokia n9’s firmware images ??
    and how to know which one is mine ??