Nokia Lumia 920 vs HTC 8X vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – Rock Guitar Challenge

Nokia US has published a new video comparing the audio recording performance of its new flagship smartphone Lumia 920 with HTC 8X and Samsung Galaxy S3. Nokia Lumia 920 features HAAC Rich Recording (mono) capable of capturing significantly broader range of frequencies- up to 140 dB, whereas traditional phone microphones top out at 110 dB. This leads to clearer audio being recorded with less distortion. Check out the video after break to experience it yourself.

“Ever record a concert on your phone? Terrible, right? Not always… We pitted the Nokia Lumia 920, 8X by HTC and Samsung Galaxy SIII against rock guitarist Billy Duffy from The Cult to see which phone could capture the experience the best. See for yourself what happened. “


  1. Kewen Tan

    Nokia Lumia 920, YOU ROCK!