Nokia HERE Transit for Lumia WP8 smartphones updated

Quick heads-up, Nokia HERE Transit for Lumia WP8 smartphones is updated to v3.5.1017.0. The latest version brings couple of improvements to the app, check out the changelog after break.

Nokia Trasit

Nokia Transit is now HERE Transit. HERE Transit makes taking public transportation easier and faster than ever. Quickly compare routes, departure and arrival times, and even see the walking distances required for each route option. Choose the route that works best for you and let HERE Transit do the rest. Traveling to a new city? HERE Transit is available in over 670 cities and 50 countries around the world so there is no need to download separate apps for each city. Check if your city is covered here:

Key Features:

  • Easily compare different route options (bus, train, subway and more all in one app)
  • Orient yourself with a combined segment map and detail view
  • Pin frequent destinations to your start screen
  • View your nearest stations and stops with just a tap
  • Swipe for destination history
  • Integrated walking guidance gets you there
  • Over the air updates ensure you always have the latest maps

What’s new:

  • View nearby stations and stops on a map
  • Easily switch from HERE Maps to HERE Transit within the Journey Planner
  • Access favorites from HERE Maps and Drive


Transit for Lumia’s