Nokia Hong Kong: Future software update will enable NFC on Lumia 800?

Information is coming from Nokia HongKong’s official microblogging site that Windows Phone future software update will enable NFC on Lumia 800.

In a reply to fan Nokia HongKong says: (Rough Translation)

” Through future software updates will be NFC-enabled. Please wait We further announcement.”

According to Nokia Hong Kong Lumia  800 contains a hidden NFC chip (Just like C7) which get enabled by just updating the device software. Well, we have already seen Lumia 610 listed with NFC label over WPBenchthe benchmarking app for WP7. Also Microsoft has said that future version of Windows Phone will offer support for NFC, and it is expected to be released in the next major version of Windows Phone update “Apollo”.

Sounds fishy here, what do you guys think, do let us know in your comments.

[Source,Via @belon1986]