Nokia India Online Store Reveals Nokia 808 PureView Pre-order Price – INR 29,999

Nokia has recently announced that India is going to be one of the first country getting the 41MP camera monster Symbian smartphone Nokia 808 PureView, but they skipped the most important thing in announcement- the device price. Today folks over Androsym some how managed to get the pre-order price of the device from Nokia India’s online store.

The Nokia 808 PureView is currently listed as coming soon over But searching the page source code of the online store reveals the inside price details. According to source code Nokia India’s online store has priced the 808 PureView at INR 29,999. That’s about $561 at the current exchange rate, not bad.

Find out for yourself – go to this page – the 808 PureView page on Nokia’s online store. Right Click -> View Page Source -> Press F3 -> Type productDefaultPrice.


  1. Arnav Batra

    Hey I think we
    should not make assumptions here that this is the final price of the Nokia 808
    PureView. Since Nokia themselves have said that it was just a place holder.
    They’re yet to make an official announcement.

  2. arpitapaul43

    Hahaha it is
    actually quite lame that we still thrive so much on rumours n all. Like this is
    just a part of some source code and it wasn’t visible on the page for a reason
    man. I mean they could’ve written 10k instead of that, but that does not mean
    that is the price right? So chill I say, wait for them to come out with the
    official price.