Nokia Lumia 920 used in Voice-controlled Home Automation System

Thai developer Sittiphol has transformed his Lumia 920 WP8 smartphone into a remote for controlling Home Automation System using device inbuilt NFC, Bluetooth and Voice recognition. Check out the demonstration video after break.

“Lumia 920 has been transformed to Voice-Command Home Electronic Appliances Controller via Bluetooth and NFC. This video demonstration show you how this project work. Please note that every single part of this video are not just the concept but it works for real. Check my previous videos about “NeuRoom” if you don’t believe it =)”

Read more about Sittiphol HomePair system here: 

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  1. Christopher Woodward

    lol – that’s hysterical – now I need a lumia attached to every wall in my house. Lumia – Wipe my ….