Nokia Lumia 920 (PR 1.1) vs Nokia 808 PureView – Camera Comparison

The recent firmware update PR 1.1 has enhanced the imaging capabilities of Nokia Lumia 920 PureView smartphone, resulting in much better images. Folks over AAS has conducted a new test comparing the camera performance of Nokia Lumia 920 (PR 1.1) with Nokia 808 in different lighting conditions.

First shows the original photo taken by the Nokia 808, then cropped version from both devices – the upper one is of Nokia 808 and the lower part is of Lumia 920. The Nokia 808 is set to resolution of 8 megapixels to (approximately) match the 920’s native resolution of 8.7 MP.

Bright Sunlight:

(Nokia 808 Top, L920 Bottom)

As you can see in above shot – the image detail of 808 is much clear due to pixel oversampling, where L920 shot got slightly improvement with PR1.1, now have sharper image, but a bit noisy.

(Nokia 808 Top, L920 Bottom)

Again the 808’s handling of the scene is noticeably better – the discrete lights in the Christmas sign are clearly visible. L920 shot is fair enough considering its camera capability.

Indoors, natural light:

(Nokia 808 Top, L920 Bottom)

Here come the power of floating lens technology- The photo of the Lumia 920 looks brighter and colors saturation is much better then 808.

Night time, very dark:

(Nokia 808 Top, L920 Bottom)

Again…Lumia 920 shots are much better then 808.

Steve’s conclusion:

Eight test shots then, with the 920’s new PR1.1 firmware. Six of the tests were won by the Nokia 808, arguably, with one to the 920 and one debatable draw. But again I should emphasise a few things:

  • the 808 does very well in my hands – give it to an average person and they’d struggle with keeping it still, especially if using the shutter button. In contrast, the OIS in the 920 should give better results for these less experienced users.
  • that the Lumia 920, even with the image processing issue fixed in this software, can’t match the Nokia 808 most of the time, isn’t that damning. It’s like coming second to Usain Bolt in a sprint, even though you broke your own national record.
  • add in the zoom and Xenon flash possibilities and the 808’s crown is assured for the moment – perhaps even forever, since I’m not sure anyone will make such a monster phone camera again. Yet it’s easy to argue that there’s far more future proofing built into Windows Phone 8 and its ecosystem – for anyone for whom taking good photos is only a ‘very nice to have’ and not ‘absolutely essential’, and for whom the Xenon flash isn’t seen as a necessity, the Lumia 920 may indeed be the better smartphone choice.

Check out more tests over here:

[Source AAS]

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